It’s time to be honest. 

The failed establishment strategies of the past have robbed our party of success and handed radical Democrats super majorities in state government.

From the corrupt insider consultant class to failed party officials playing fast and loose with the rules that benefit one wing of our party over another, it’s no wonder why we can’t dig ourselves out of the hole we find ourselves in.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

We desperately need definitive change and immediate reforms, and that’s why Dave Williams is running to be your next Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.

We need a wartime fighter with experience who will advance our conservative Republican principles of limited-government, personal freedom and liberty, pro-life, and election integrity while never being afraid to go toe-to-toe with the corrupt Democrats who are attacking our Colorado way of life. 

We need a conservative champion who will vigorously defend our caucus and assemblies from failed establishment politicians who are losing yet still want to tip the scales for their preferred candidates of whom the voters have rejected time and time again. Some of these “Republicans” have even introduced a bill this year to eliminate the caucus and assembly process all together.

Instead, we need to promote the caucus and assemblies and encourage increased engagement while ensuring that every candidate plays by the rules and gets a fair shake with the voters making the final call on who our nominees will be.

We need a principled proven leader who will advance our conservative Republican values and platform instead of propping up insider politicians who only pay lip service to our beliefs but then work with Democrats to do the opposite once elected when they think no one is looking.

We need a fair and even-handed leader who will bring unity on our fundamental principles and won’t settle scores or play favorites. We have a big-tent, and everyone should have a seat at the table with a voice and a vote.

Finally, we need a competent and conservative chair who will get our party back to the basics by administering smooth party meetings, increasing voter registration, incorporating legal ballot harvesting into our get-out-the-vote efforts, and most importantly, fundraising for success to support our Republican nominees.

As a former State Representative and longtime conservative party activist who has held leadership roles in both the county and state party, you can count on Dave to accomplish these goals for your benefit because he knows he works for you.

No doubt we have a tough road ahead, and extreme Democrats won’t easily give up power without a fight. 

But, if we focus on working together and fighting against our real opponents, Joe Biden, Jared Polis and their lapdog Democrats, then we can overcome and turn this ship around.

In the weeks ahead Dave will be reaching out to learn how he can work with you and earn your vote. If at any time you want to discuss the issues with him then please call him directly on his cell at 719-321-6363 or email him at

If he can count on your support today, please reply and let me know right away.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Together, we can win Colorado back and enthusiastically advance our conservative Republican ideals without fear of failure.